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  • 100 HD Animated Video Backgrounds
  • 100 HD Live Footage Videos
  • 100 Animated Icons / Objects
  • 100+ Whiteboard SVG Graphics
  • 100+ Cartoon Mascot Characters
  • Dozens Explainer Backgrounds
  • Dozens Virtual Studio Backgrounds
  • Dozens PPT Templates with 100’s Slides
  • And More...

Compatible With All Top Video & Graphics Editors

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Video Maker Toolkit V3

Want to Make Better Looking Videos, Faster?

Since you’re on this page, you must be interested in creating better looking videos. Am I right? And chances are you already bought one of the recent “video makers” like Video Motion Pro, Explaindio, VideoMakerFX or Easy Sketch Pro.

All of those programs are great, and I bought them all myself… BUT, they all share one common problem… They could all use a bigger and better assets library.

The built-in libraries these programs come with are enough to get you started, BUT they’re limited and you quickly start to run out of options.

Plus 1,000’s of people who bought those programs will be using the same graphics as you. So your videos will look like all those other people’s videos.

Ok, so you want new and fresh graphics assets for your videos.
What are you options?

I Did All The Hard Work For You
- Save $1,000's & Hours of Time!

Introducing Video Maker Toolkit v3

I spent the last few months putting together the ultimate video and graphics bundle, that will help you create better videos.

I spent $1,000’s out of my own pocket, hiring people to create custom content for me and acquiring exclusive rights.

I also spent dozens of hours creating MORE content myself, and organizing everything into an easy to use package.

What I have for you on this page is EASILY worth several thousand dollars, and I wanted to include pretty much everything you’d need to make a good looking video…

You Get  12 Assets Packs in 1...

Grab Everything For a One Time Payment Of… Regular Price  $67 , Your Launch Price:

Video Maker Toolkit V3

Detailed Breakdown of Exactly What You Get:

Section 1: 100 Animated Video Backgrounds

Full HD Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 (in MP4 format)

Section 2: HD Live Footage Videos

Full HD Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 (in MP4 format)

Section 3: 100 Animated Icons / Objects

Come in animated SWF, MOV, GIF and PNG

Using animated graphics in your videos (or websites) is a great way to increase viewer engagement, grab attention better, and just add an extra touch of polish to your presentations.

These animated graphics look better than static ones. Just take a look at the graphic on the right side ===================>>>>

Looks pretty cool right?

With this module you get 100 of these animated icons / objects for all kinds of different niches / purposes.

All icons come in SWF, MOV, GIF and PNG. So they’re compatible with pretty much any video editor and can be used on your websites.

Section 4: "Emotion" Whiteboard SVG Graphics

Work Perfectly With Explainio, Easy Sketch Pro, Video Scribe, Etc..






Section 5: Color Whiteboard SVG Graphics

Work Perfectly With Explainio, Easy Sketch Pro, Video Scribe, Etc..

"Online Business" Color SVGs

"Shopping" Color SVGs

"Communication" Color SVGs

"Learning / Training" Color SVGs

"Chef and Cooking" Color SVGs

"Love and Dating" Color SVGs

"Weight Loss" Color SVGs

"Computer Repair" Color SVGs

"Home Security" Color SVGs

"Science" Color SVGs

Section 6: B&W Outline Whiteboard SVG Graphics

Work Perfectly With Explainio, Easy Sketch Pro, Video Scribe, Etc..

"People Using Electronic Devices" SVGs

"Online Marketing" SVGs

"People Emotional on Computers" SVGs

"Home Security" SVGs

"Travel" SVGs

"Wedding" SVGs

"Computer Repair" SVGs

"Family" SVGs

"Uber" SVGs

Section 7: Cartoon Characters (in SVG and PNG)
Can Be Used In Whiteboard Sketch Videos, Explainer Videos, Websites, Print Projects, etc..

Section 8: Animated Characters

Come in: Animated GIF, MOV, SWF, and PNG

Section 9: Explainer Video Backgrounds

High Quality Backgrounds for your Explainer Videos

Section 10: HD Virtual Studio / Room Backgrounds

Put yourself, a green screen actor, or an animated cartoon inside a Virtual Studio

Section 11: Powerpoint Video Tools

Create Great Looking Videos Using Powerpoint

#1: Animated & Editable PowerPoint Slides

Simply copy and paste any of these swipes into your current project or use them to create a brand new sales or explainer video. Everything is editable... change colours in a click. Design style is flat and contemporary. You'll find this swipe file more than useful on any project that requires a web or mobile theme.

#2: Mobile Gestures Animated PowerPoint Template

All images can easily be changed with just one click. All colours are customizable including skin tones. Remove the shirt sleeve for a casual look.  These are perfect for showcasing mobile sites, apps, image galleries and more.

#3: 3 Cinematic Style Openers - PowerPoint Templates

How cool is this? Now you can create your own dramatic cinematic openers right inside PowerPoint. Simply add your own text and export as a video.  This will look great on your video channels, as your openers or a logo ident.

Section 12: More Content Coming...

I like to over-deliver with every product I release, so you'll be getting even more un-announced content :)

Get Instant Access To Everything Above For Just a One Time Payment Of...

Regular Price $67

Special Launch Price:

Video Maker Toolkit V3

 Save BIG Over Stock Footage Sites!

When it comes to getting assets for your projects, bundles are a great way to go. When you buy a bundle, you can save literally $100's or $1,000's of dollars, compared to paying one by one for each asset. Let me show you some typical average prices that other stock footage websites charge...

Real Prices Stock Footage Sites Charge Today:

How Much You Save With VMT3 Bundle:

Whiteboard SVG Graphics: 30 modules x $24 each = $720

Live Footage Videos: 100 videos x $59 each = $5,900

Animated Background Vids: 100 videos x $8 each = $800

Mascot Characters: 100 cartoons x $2 each = $200

Animated Characters: 100 x $3 each = $300

Animated Icons: 100 x $4 each = $400

Virtual Background Images: 70 images x $12 each = $840

Explainer Backgrounds: 37 x $12 each = $444


Total = $9,604 (in real value if bought separately one-by-one)

Video Maker Toolkit V3

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