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Compatible With All Top Video & Graphics Editors

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Video Maker Toolkit

Want to Make Better Looking Videos, Faster?

Since you’re on this page, you must be interested in creating better looking videos. Am I right? And chances are you already bought one of the recent “video makers” like Explaindio, VideoMakerFX or Easy Sketch Pro.

All of those programs are great, and I bought them all myself… BUT, they all share one common problem… They could all use a bigger and better graphics library.

The built-in libraries these programs come with are enough to get you started, BUT they’re limited and you quickly start to run out of options.

Plus 1,000’s of people who bought those programs will be using the same graphics as you. So your videos will look like all those other people’s videos.

Ok, so you want new and fresh graphics for your videos.
What are you options?


Option 1. Create the graphics yourself

If you have some design skillls and have a program like: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc... Then you can create some graphics yourself. This does take time and effort though. You can spend hours on this... how much is your time worth?

Option 2. Search for free graphics on Google

There are tons of free images online, and you can find plenty on Google. But, this can also be very time consuming. Plus the free images are not the best quality, and might have some copyright issues.

Option 3. Hire someone

If you need something specific, you can hire someone. BUT this is probably the most expensive option and can easily cost severeal hundred dollars for a simple job. Here's a reply I got from one of the freelances I contacted personally (with a quote of $800 for ONE cartoon character).

Option 4. Buy from stock footage sites

There are also stock footage sites like GraphicRiver, VideoHive, iStockPhoto. I use these sites myself, but the fees start to add up after a while... $5 for an image, $10 for a cartoon, $59 for live footage video... You can easily spend $100's on stock footage sites.

I Did All The Hard Work For You
- Save $1,000's & Hours of Time!

I spent the last few months putting together the ultimate graphics bundle, that will help you create better videos.

I spent $1,000’s out of my own pocket, hiring people to create custom content for me and acquiring exclusive rights.

I also spent dozens of hours creating MORE content myself, and organizing everything into an easy to use package.

What I have for you on this page is EASILY worth several thousand dollars, and I wanted to include pretty much everything you’d need to make a good looking video…

You Get  9 Assets Packs in 1...

Section 1 - Hand Drawn SVG Graphics

You get both "general" drawings that can be used for ANY niche, as well as industry specific drawigns like: handy man, dentists, travel, etc..

Section 2 - Animated Video Backgrounds

Using an animated video background instead of a static one, can bring a boring video to life. You'll get a nice variety of different backgrounds.

Section 3 - Live Footage Videos

Live footage videos also bring a video to life. And recording a life footage video yourself can be very time consuming.

Section 4 - Cartoon Characters

All of these these cartoon characters come in both PNG and SVG formats... that means you can even use them for sketch videos, scale them to any size and get a perfect hand drawn look.

Section 5 - Background Images

With this section you'll dozens of different background images in all kinds of styles and colors. You'll get both "generic" backgrounds as well as specific "niche" scenes.

Section 6 - People Photos

Having an image of a person in your videos is a great way to create a bond with your viewers. People images are proven to increase conversions. With this section you'll get 100 people photos.

Grab Your Copy For Just…

Video Maker Toolkit

Let Me Show You Everything You Get In Detail...

Section 1 - Hand Drawn SVG Graphics

Work Perfectly With Explainio, Easy Sketch Pro, Scribe, Etc..

Whiteboard Module #1:
Online Business

Whiteboard Module #2:
Social Media

Whiteboard Module #3: Office / Work

Whiteboard Module #4: Real Estate

Whiteboard Module #5: Handy Man

Whiteboard Module #6: Handy Man Tools

Whiteboard Module #7: Dentist Office

Whiteboard Module #8: Dentist Tools

Whiteboard Module #9: Woman in 10 Poses

Whiteboard Module #10: Food

Whiteboard Module #11: Cartoon Houses

Whiteboard Module #12: Travel

Whiteboard Module #13: Animals

Whiteboard Module #14: Money

Whiteboard Module #15: Speech Bubbles

Whiteboard Module #16: Electronic Devices

Section 2

Animated Video Backgrounds

HD Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 (in MP4 and SWF)

Section 3

Live Footage Videos

HD Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 (in MP4 format)

Section 4

Cartoon Characters (in SVG & PNG)

Cartoon Characters #1: Business Man in 10 Poses

Cartoon Characters #2: Business Man 2 in 10 Poses

Cartoon Characters #3: Niche Stick People

Cartoon Characters #4: Cute Niche Male Characters

Cartoon Characters #5: Cute Niche Female Characters

Section 5

Background Images

Image Backgrounds #1: Scenes

Image Backgrounds #2: Blueprint

Image Backgrounds #3: Clean Paper

Image Backgrounds #4: Dark

Image Backgrounds #5: Colorful Diagonal Lines

Section 6 - People Photos

High Resolution Images (4,256 × 2,832 pixels)

Section 7 - Color SVGs

Even more SVGs graphics for you, in color...

Color SVGs #1: Sales Badges

Color SVGs #2: Valentine's Day

Color SVGs #3: Cartoon Animals

Section 8 - HD Background Makers

Create Your Own HD Background Images (in 1,920 x 1,080)

If you want to be able to create your own high quality HD image backgrounds, this section is for you. Here you get PSD smart templates that allow you to create unlimited variations of backgrounds. You just add your own images, textures, patters or solid colors... and the smart templates applies all the special effects automatically.

Note: these PSD smart templates require Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher.

HD Background Maker #1:Concrete Wall

1. Edit The "Smart Template"

2. Create Unlimited Background Variations

HD Background Maker #2: Stage

1. Edit The "Smart Template"

2. Create Unlimited Background Variations

HD Background Maker #3: Studio

1. Edit The "Smart Template"

2. Create Unlimited Background Variations

Section 9 - Powerpoint Tools

#1: 12 Powepoint Video Templates

#2: Exclusive Tutorial:
Talking Characters In PowerPoint

Ever wanted to have a talking character in your videos? This tutorial was created by Tracey Meagher and will teach you how to create animated talking characters inside Powerpoint. Tracey is currently developing this into a premium product, but you get to have access to the core system here before it’s released to the general public.

#3: 50 Animated PowerPoint Slides With Sound Effects

Imagine how creative you could get with 50 animated slides ready to mix and match to create all sorts of wonderful, engaging and professional looking videos. You can literally create endless videos with this pack. It’s awesome. Just take a look at the quick video below…

Special Bonus - Music Tracks

50 Professional Music Tracks For Your Videos!

Get $1,526 in Real Value for
Just a ONE TIME Payment Of…

Video Maker Toolkit

Save BIG Over Stock Footage Sites

When it comes to getting assets for your projects, bundles are a great way to go. When you buy a bundle, you can save literally $100's or $1,000's of dollars, compared to paying one by one for each asset. Let me show you some typical average prices that other stock footage websites charge...

What Stock Footage Sites Charge:

How That Compares To My Bundle:

SVG Graphics: 15 modules x $24 each = $360

Live Footage Videos: 12 videos x $59 each = $708

Animated Background Vids: 15 videos x $8 each = $120

Mascot Cartoons: 94 cartoons x $2 each = $188

Background Images: 5 sets x $10 each = $50

People Photos: 100 images x $1 each = $100


Total = $1,526 (in real value if bought separately)

Video Maker Toolkit

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