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  • 3D Objects
  • Explainer Objects
  • Marketing Badges
  • 3D Social Media Icons
  • Animated Backgrounds
  • "Whiteboard" Graphics
  • Explainer Characters
  • 3D  & 2D Transitions
  • 3D Virtual Rooms
  • 3D Money Animations
  • And More...
Video Maker Toolkit V4

Want to Make Better Looking Videos, Faster?

Since you’re on this page, you must be interested in creating better looking videos. Am I right? And chances are you already bought one of the recent “video makers” like Explaindio, VideoMakerFX, Easy Sketch Pro, Camtasia, etc..

All of those programs are great, and I bought them all myself… BUT, they all share one common problem… They could all use a bigger and better assets library.

The built-in libraries these programs come with are enough to get you started, BUT they’re limited and you quickly start to run out of options.

Plus 1,000’s of people who bought those programs will be using the same graphics as you. So your videos will look like all those other people’s videos.

Ok, so you want new and fresh graphics assets for your videos.
What are you options?

I Did All The Hard Work For You
- Save $1,000's & Hours of Time!

Introducing Video Maker Toolkit V4

I spent the last few months putting together the ultimate video and graphics bundle, that will help you create better videos.

I spent $1,000’s out of my own pocket, hiring people to create custom content for me. I also spent dozens of hours creating MORE content myself, and organizing everything into an easy to use package.

What I have for you on this page is EASILY worth several thousand dollars, and I wanted to include pretty much everything you’d need to make a good looking video…

You Get  15 Assets Packs in 1...

Grab Everything For a One Time Payment Of… Regular Price  $67 , Your Special Price:

Video Maker Toolkit V4

Section 1: 3D Animated Objects

Section 2: Animated Explainer Objects

Section 3: Animated Marketing Badges

Section 4: Animated 3D Social Media Icons

Section 5: Animated "Clean" Backgrounds

Section 6: Animated "Fancy" Backgrounds

Section 7: "Emotion" Whiteboard SVG Graphics

Section 8: Hand Drawn Color Illustrations

Entrepreneurship / Startup

Video / Audio / Podcasting

Car Dealer / Buying Car / Car Salesman

Celebrity / Entertainment / Hollywood

Cleaning / Carpet Cleaning / Cleaning Supplies / House Cleaning

Section 9: Hand Drawn B&W Illustrations

Coaching (life coach / motivational speaker / success / etc..)

Entertainment (watching TV / using remote / at movie theatre / playing video games, etc..)

Pain (back pain / neck pain / headache / pain relief / etc..)

Well Being (meditating, relaxing with headphones on, yoga, relaxing on hammock, etc..)

Magic (magician / magic trick / cards / etc..)

Section 10: Animated Explainer Character

Section 11: Animated "Clean" Transitions

Section 12: Animated 3D "Broadcast" Transitions

Section 13: Animated 3D Money Animations

Section 14: 3D "Virtual Room" Renders

Section 15: More Content Coming...

I like to over-deliver with every product I release, so you'll be getting even more un-announced content :)

PLUS Get These Special Bonuses...

Special Bonus #1:
Animated 3D "SALE" Signs

Special Bonus #2:
Animated 3D "Cartoon" Signs

Special Bonus #3:
Animated 3D Arrows

Special Bonus #4:
Animated Emoticons

Special Bonus #5:
Clean Animated Speech Bubbles

Special Bonus #6:
Clean Price & Discount Labels

Special Bonus #7:
3D CTA Advertising Phrases

Special Bonus #8:
New Clean Lower Thirds

Get Instant Access To Everything Above For Just a One Time Payment Of...

Regular Price $67 Your Special Price:

Video Maker Toolkit V4

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